Akram Is Mine – Kluthum Rubs Salt In Tasha’s Wounds As She Parades Bae | VIDEO

December 29, 2021
Kluthum and Akram Gumisiriza

Kluthum and Akram Gumisiriza

Kluthum is not fazed by Tasha’s crocodile tears as she heads out with new bae, Akram Gumisiriza following a secret ‘Kuwowa’ ceremony.

After ‘Kuwowa’ photos went viral, South African-based hustler, Tasha came out and accused Akram of using her hard earned money to marry Kluthum.

Tasha spilled the beans and revealed that she was staying with Akram in the same house in South Africa until a week back when he came to attend to his sick dad.


On his way to Uganda, Tasha gave Akram 50k Rand (12m ugx) to take it to her family, unfortunately, he picked an extra 9m from her sister and married Kluthum. She is demanding Akram pays back her money.

As Tasha is shedding Crocodile tears, Kluthum and Akram seem unbothered and are enjoying life together.

Yesterday, the pair filmed themselves slaying in a car as Akram showers Kluthum with names; Baby, Sweetie, Love, Hajjati wa Hajji among many others.

To Kluthum, she is not bothered by critics and insists Akram Gumisiriza belongs to her. 

I’m not interested to know anything anyone is saying. I have Akram, Akram is mine. Actually, we are enjoying our honeymoon


Kulthum trashed Tasha’s claims and revealed Akram brought many things to her family compared to the 20m she is talking about.

“That alleged 20M is very small compared to the things he brought home”, Kluthum stated.

Watch video of Kluthum slaying with Akram below: