A Pass not ready to battle Beenie Gunter and Vyper Ranking

September 26, 2023

Singer and music writer A Pass has revealed that he is not ready to battle fellow musicians Beenie Gunter and Vyper Ranking musically.

He said battles spread more hate than life because fans get divided yet most of them be supporting the same musicians.

On 15th September, Sheebah and Cindy has the first female music battle here in Uganda. It was attended and supported by very many fans.

From the battle, more musicians have been coming out and claiming they are also ready for music battles.

The one trending most is the one of Bebe Cool and Jose Chameleon which the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Hon Thomas Tayebwa has promised to fully support.

However A Pass has come out to say that music battles are not good for the music industry especially the Ugandan one that is still developing.

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He said he feels he would battle two musicians Beenie Gunter and Vyper Ranking but he thinks doing songs with them would be much better.

Lucky enough he has already done songs with them and nothing else because it is more of spreading love and encouraging the younger generation to support them.

“I can never battle Beenie Gunter or Vyper Ranking, I would only collaborate with them which I have done already and I think that’s the energy we need as brothers. Battles are fights, they split fans who love us and what we do. People start taking sides & throwing insults,” A Pass tweeted.

It should be noted that the last male battle happened 10 years ago and it was between Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool.

Unfortunately the winner wasn’t announced up to now.