Sheilah Gashumba denies ever dating Grenade, brands him a possesed fan

September 26, 2023

Social Media influencer and raio presenter Sheila Gashumba has denied ever dating singer Grenade.

She said they have never been in love and she is surprised because Grenade is just possessed with her.

This happened after the singer beat up Sheilah Gashumba’s boyfriend Rickman Manrick and cut his upper lip as they were having fun in a bar.

According the Grenade, the reason he faught with Rickman Manrick is because of Sheilah Gashumba. He said the boyfriend has been jealousy of him for some time and that’s the reason.

He even claimed that he used to date Sheilah Gashumba five years ago yet she was in a relationship with Gods Plan.

Beautiful Sheilah has responded to Grenade telling him to stop spreading rumors about their relationship.

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She said be has been a fan and he will forever be a fan without any relationship involved after all he doesn’t even look that good.

Sheilah gave her side of the story saying Grenade is the jealousy one because he doesn’t like seeing Rickman Manrick win.

“Asides from knowing that he is currently having a drug issue, I’m starting to believe that he also has an obsession character on people that don’t even care or mind him. It’s wild and scary,” Sheilah Gashumba tweeted