Lilian Mbabazi defaults paying rent worth UGX24 Million, to be evicted from house soon

September 27, 2023

Singer Lilian Mbabazi is in big trouble after failing to pay rent that is worth UGX24 Million.

Her Landlord known as Mr. Sitran Deshpande has come out to the media to cry out for himself saying it’s too much.

According to Mr. Sitran Deshpande, Lilian Mbabazi’s landlord, the singer rented the house since 21 February 2018 at each month Ugx 1.5M.

She has been paying so well not untom April of last year when she refused to pay rent completely.

The singer Lilian Mbabazi is said to he e been giving excuses for not paying rent like moving in and outside of the country all the time.

Unfortunately the houses are for business but she hasn’t been leaving them so far and now police got involved in the case.

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Mr. Sitran Deshpande, with his lawyer told the media that Lilian Mbabazi is wanted out of the house with all the money demanded being paid.

They said they are tired of her hide and seek for 18 months because the Landlord also has his businesses he needs to run that need that money.

“I have been Lilian Mbabazi’s landlord for six years and she has been one of the best clients paying rent in time. But ever since April of 2022, my client hasn’t been able to her rent like she used to do. Every time I talk to her she gives an excuse even sometimes she doesn’t pick,” Land lord said

It should be noted that Lilian Mbabazi is not the first musician to be brought in the media for not paying rent.

Other artistes even run out of the rented houses without paying any rent for some years.