Zahara Totto vows to never get married, reveals reasons why

December 6, 2023
Zahara Totto

Zahara Totto

Television presenter and dejaay Zahara Totto has vowed to never get married or even commit to any man in her life.

She said marriage is for women who like being submissive and she is not one of the ladies that will let a man rule their lives.

Zahara Totto is a mother and has been in multiple relationships with different men. In all the men she has been with, she made only two public.

One was with a south Sudanese guy who was said to be a flaudster and another one was with a Ugandan guy known as Rauben.

According to Zahara Totto, she is a hustler meaning she wouldn’t want a man to limit her life. She said she would like to be fully independent.

Outspoken Zahara has been having beefs with some married women. She said she wouldn’t like to be like any of them as they are nothing.

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“I have never admired any married women and I wouldn’t want to be like them. They are failures most of them and they have to do everything on the rules of their husbands. I am a very independent woman who does whatever i want, i wouldn’t like to be told what and what not to do,” Zahara Totto said