King Saha speaks about his low profile life style

December 4, 2023
King Saha

King Saha

Singer Semanda Mansour also known as King Saha has spoken about how he lives his low profile life style.

He said that is his best life because no cameras and fans to always judge how he lives.

King Saha is a married man with a wife but he has never brought his family to the public. He never posts about them at any point.

There is a rumour that he has more than one wife and that is the reason why he never makes his family public.

But according to King Saha, that is not true. He said every celebrity needs to have a private life that makes them feel good.

He said no matter how much money he has, it will always come down to the type of person he is and how he treats people around him.

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“I always prefer to live a low-profile lifestyle. In Uganda, many of us are raised to uphold certain appearances, but I believe in being true to oneself and not putting on a facade,” – King Saha, Musician said