Who is ‘Neko’ between them? Zahara Totto and Tashi Hubby tear themselves apart

November 16, 2023

Media presenters Zahara Totto and Tashi Hubby have torn themselves apart accusing each other of being Prostitutes.

It started when Zahara Totto spoke about actress Shamim Mayanja and her telling her that she means nothing to her the country.

As Tashi Hubby came out to defend Shamim Mayanja and other people that Zahara Totto has spoken about, the war shifted directly to her.

Zahara Totto immediately started attacking Tashi Hubby saying she copies everyday what she does and what how she dresses.

Tashi Hubby said she has never copied Zahara Totto and the only thing she does is become a prostitute to men.

Shamim Mayanja attacks Zahara Totto, exposes all her dirty secrets

According to Zahara Totto, she has never been a Prostitutes and Tashi Hubby is the only one.

She even threatened to expose Tashi Hubby by listing all the men she has ever slept with as she knows.