Pastor Jengo’s fiance nabbed swapping saliva with another man (Video)

December 6, 2023

More disappointment is hitting the late Pastor Yiga’s son Pastor Jengo as his fiance and wife to be is nabbed swapping saliva with another man.

Pastor Jengo introduced his girlfriend to the world last month after he officially proposed to her in a beautiful surprise party.

He told the world that he has been with his girlfriend for five years but they had talked about it and decided not reveal their relationship to the public.

After announcing the wedding and introduction ceremony dates more information about the lady was brought to the media.

Media personality Kasuku is the one that first talked about it and pastor Jengo denied everything not until yesterday when a video of the lady with another man was posted on social media.

Kasuku said he even knows the hotel where she used to go with that man who was dating her yet she was already in a relationship with Pastor Jengo.

Pasto Jjengo Dumped After Nabbing Fiancée In Bedminton

Here is the video

There is a rumour also making rounds on social media that Pastor Jengo stole this lady from one of his good friends.

It said that lured this lady Fiona Kyomugisha into leaving the guy she was with for him as he is already known.