You will die – Jose Chameleon’s father exposes his alcoholism (Video)

August 14, 2023

Legendary singer Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleon’s father has exposed his alcoholism.

He has told him to leave alcohol before it is too late for him because he may end up dead unknowingly.

Jose Chameleon is one of Uganda’s biggest musician of all times. As talented as his, every time he sings the song becomes a hit across East Africa.

Despite being so much talented, Jose Chameleon has faced other challenges which include alcohol.

Alcohol and drugs usually disturb musicians and other celebrities. They think they can’t do any anything publically without using these drugs.

For Jose Chameleon, he has faced a lot of challenges with the alcohol. He has been admitted to the hospital on numerous occasions because of it.

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As he was graduating last week, his father Gerald Mayanja gave a speech and the only advise be gave him was to leave alcohol.

He said if Jose Chameleon wants to live longer, he should do what the doctors advised him which is to quit alcohol.

“Alcohol has damaged him so much, doctors advised him to leave it and start drinking water…” – Mr. Gerald Mayanja’s advice to Jose Chameleone on graduation day

Here is the video;