Jose Chameleone Reveals Why Abtex Beefs Him And His Family | VIDEO

August 10, 2023
Jose Chameleone (L), Abtex (R)

Jose Chameleone (L), Abtex (R)

Jose Chameleone, real name Joseph Mayanja has finally revealed why events promoter Abby Musinguzi aka Abtex beefs him and his family.

For a long time, Abtex has publicly spoken about his dislike for Chameleone but acknowledges that he is talented and undisputed music legend.

When Bajjo Events organised Clever J’s concert – Lugogo, Abtex said he did not want the Mayanja Family to step at the venue. He warned that if any comes near the event, he/she will be arrested.

This sparked mixed reaction among the music lovers as some started questioning why Abtex has so much hate for the Mayanja Family.

In a video posted on social media, Chameleone disclosed the major reason as to why Abtex beefs him.

Jose Chameleone

He stated that their beef stems 20 years back when Abtex booked him for a show at Didi’s World in Kansanga and disappeared without clearing his balance.

Jose Chameleone says he agreed 600k for a show and Abtex paid 400k, with the 200k to be paid after the show. After the show, Abtex and his partner, Emma Serugo disappeared and sought refugee at Sheraton Hotel. He looked for the in vain.

When Chameleone pressed hard to be paid, Abtex took it person and since them, the pair don’t see face to face.