Mikie Wine Balloons Pauline Again, Aims Dig At Runaway Fiancée Shazney Khan

August 14, 2023
Pauline Kemigisha (L), Mikie Wine (R)

Pauline Kemigisha (L), Mikie Wine (R)

Mikie Wine real name, Michael Mukwaya baby mama, Pauline Kemigisha are expecting their second child 4-months after the singer’s fiancée, Shazney Khan left his home and settled with another man.

In October 2021, Shazney Khan introduced Mikie to her parents and relatives following 8 years of cohabiting.

The ‘Silubada High School headmaster’ was accompanied by Bobi Wine and his wife, Barbie Itungo Kyagulanyi, his brothers; John, Banjo Man, Dax Vibez, close friends and family members.

Mikie Wine and Shazney Khan at their introduction

At the introduction, Mikie described Shazney Khan as his best friend and promised her a wedding.

However, Shazney did not wait to walk down the aisle after she learnt that Mikie secretly sired a baby boy named David Paris with side bae, Pauline Kemigisha.

Pauline Kemigisha

She moved out of his home in Gayaza and settled with another man in just a month.

Mikie also did not waste time, he moved in with Pauline and we hear they are expecting a second child.

It seems Mikie and Shazney were tired of each other. Shazney looks so hot and added weight unlike when she was still with Mikie.

Shazney Khan looks hot since parting ways with Mikie Wine

Mikie too, looks so happy with Pauline and yesterday he aimed a dig at Shazney Khan in a TikTok video by praising Pauline. He said he is always at peace with Pauline, insinuating that Shazney had become a thorn in his foot.

With you I am always at peace….Thank You

Mikie Wine

It should be noted that Shazney and Mikie Wine have two children together.

Mikie has been in the music industry for over 10 years and has since released songs such as;
Namata, Mwali Bana, Muliro Muliro, Majambebe, Tonelaga, Owakabi, Emelina, Nenkusaba, Wolokoso.

He also finished his mansion in Gayaza.

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