Leila Kayondo threatens to marry herself in case men delay

August 14, 2023
Leila Kayondo

Leila Kayondo

Faded Singer Leila Kayondo has threatened to marry herself off just in case the men she is in love with delay.

In Uganda, it is said that female artistes are hard to marry because they don’t usually settle down with one man. They are always having different men at the same time vibing them.

It has been proved wrong to some extent because artistes like Rema, Vinka are happily married and raising their children with one man.

For Leila Kayondo, she has been in different relationships but the most public one was with SK Mbuga. It didn’t work out and the two separated leaving Mbuga to marry another lady.

Kayondo said she is in a relationship at the moment with another man she didn’t reveal to the public.

The singer told the media that she will not reveal the man to the public unless she is married officially.

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According to Leila Kayondo, she is ready for marriage and she doesn’t know what is stopping the man from making it official.

She revealed that once things get out of patience, she is going to marry herself and no one should say anything about it.

“If men delay, I’ll marry myself. I know i have everything to make a memorable introduction ceremony,” Leila Kayondo