Ykee Benda Comments On Bonking Bruno K’s Babe

Ykee Benda and Bruno K

Ykee Benda, real name Wycliffe Tugume is furious over allegations that he snatched, bonked Bruno K’s longterm girlfriend into cabbage and dumped her in less than a month.

In March, during an interview with a YouTuber, Ibrah K Mukasa, Bruno Kigunddu aka Bruno K revealed that he lost respect for Ykee Benda after he snatched his girlfriend that he had dated for 6 years and chewed her.

“I heard rumours she was dating Ykee Benda. Men change when it comes to women. Benda was my friend and I had a lot of respect for him and his art. But how he snatched the girl from me, I couldn’t believe. We had been dating for six years, my family and friends knew her. Ykee had only seen her for a week,” narrated Bruno K.

Bruno K

“So one time I found her with Ykee at Silk Liquid, I called her to ask about my sister whom she had taken somewhere and something unusual happened. I wasn’t going to ask her about Ykee. But he came and pushed me, telling me to excuse his girlfriend. We have never talked since. The girl dumped him after one week and she is now married.” Bruno K said he once told his friends, singers Apass and the B2C boys who got shocked.

Ykee Benda

In Ykee Benda’s defense, he said he has no idea what Bruno K is whining about. He claims it is because he has failed to make good music that he decided to start making allegations for attention.
“I don’t know where this came from. I am advising him to start making music. He should stop jumping on people’s brands to make news. I followed what he said but I just ignored him. I understand what he wants, but he should make music,”
said Ykee Benda.
According to Bruno K, since the time they almost fought, they have never talked and the lady is now married to another man.

Ykee Benda is single again after parting ways with baby mama, Julie Batenga for the second time.

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