Woman Caught Stealing Phone In A Salon

February 26, 2023
Woman caught stealing phone in a salon

Woman caught stealing phone in a salon

A yet to be identified chubby woman has been caught by the salon CCTV camera stealing phones in Ntinda today. This is revealed through the camera footage going viral online.

In the video that has gone viral on Facebook, the footage from the CCTV camera in the salon shows her picking a white wiper from the saloon desk and using it to clean her hands.

After the woman is seen stealing the phones from the table and looking around to see if she is seen by anyone . There after the camera shows her covering the area with the white wiper she used cleaning her hands. The phones stolen are said to belong to the employees in that salon.

Later, she is seen pretending to be seating down as she hides the phones inside her cloth and moving out of the salon after her mission being accomplished.

Ugandans from every corner of the country have been always advised to be so vigilant with new faces especially those in congested urban areas and more likely people like the woman seen in the footage and many more of a kind. And it is identified that many women have resorted into stealing than it was never imagined.

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