Will Evelyn Lagu’s concert still take place after her death? Here is the truth

September 21, 2023
Evelyne Lagu with son, Freddie Kasavu

Evelyne Lagu with son, Freddie Kasavu

The late singer Evelyn Lagu was supposed to have a charity concert in October 2023.

The concert was set to take place at Mesach Semakula’s restaurant known as Papaz spot because she had requested rit from him.

Unfortunately she died before the concert happening and fans have been wondering if the concert will stop all continue like it was planned.

As someone who was going to be behind the concert, Mesach Semakula has spoken about it and has said the concert will happen.

He said musicians who had promised to show up should actually show up because they are needed.

Evelyn Lagu has left one child behind and she has been the everything to him both financially and physically.

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The son being so young, Mesach Semakula revealed that he still needs help so the charity concert will happen and the money out of it will help the family.

He confirmed this during the burial of Evelyn Lagu at her ancestoral home in Kalungu Masaka.

“Despite the passing of late singer and actress Evelyn Lagu, her charity concert will still take place,” Mesach Semakula said.

It should be noted that Evelyn Lagu suffered with sickness of kidney and heart for more than five years.


She has been on medication ever since and she died after trying so hard to keep alive despite the struggles.