Finally! Cindy Sanyu reveals why she wanted to battle Sheebah so bad

September 19, 2023
Cindy and Sheebah

Cindy and Sheebah

Singer Cinderella Sanyu has finally revealed why she wanted to battle fellow singer Sheebah Kalungi so bad in the concluded concert.

She said she wanted a musical come back because it has been some years without releasing music and even getting on big stages.

Cindy was on top of her game like five years ago. But after getting into a relationship that ended up becoming a marriage took all her time off the music.

It didn’t stop their, she continued to give birth and in just a period of two years, she welcomed two babies with her new husband Prynce.

Being a mother is a full time job on its own and as an artiste, Cindy didn’t get time to do music, she instead decided to look after her children.

As a come back, she saw an opportunity of being in a battle and it has also made her some huge amount of money.

In her recent interview, Cindy said a battle has actually worked for her because what she expected is what she has got from it which is a come back.

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“I needed a big comeback, I needed to announce myself to people know that I am back as an artist,” Cindy said

It hasn’t stopped at that, Cindy has also scoped some brand ambassador deals which is bringing some good money to bed pockets.