Alien Skin to lend Champion Gudo all his music in the Return of Champion Gudo concert

September 20, 2023
Alien Skin

Alien Skin

Singer Alien Skin has promised to lend all his msic to young star Champion Gudo in the upcoming Return of Champion Gudo concert.

The concert is set to take place in this month of September at Lugogo KCCA grounds.

Champion Gudo has only two songs which are not even known anywhere. He is Famous because he moves with Alien Skin as his young body guard.

When he got into drama about his education, Alien Skin said he can’t manage him so he sent him back to how home in Kawempe.

But later he decided to pick him back saying his father doesn’t look responsible and since he decided to take him on, he can do better than him.

As part of helping him, Alien Skin has decided to organize him a concert for him and get money to build for his mother.

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The concert is about to happen as fans were asking what he is going to sing for his fans.

According to Alien Skin, he has so much music and Champion Gudo knows all his songs. He said he is going to lend them to him and he will be performing those.

“Dont mind about what Champion Gudo is going to perform. I have so many songs and he knows all of them. Am lending them all to him and he will be perfoming them,” Alien Skin said