Weasel finally admits having late Mozey Radio’s hard drive

October 13, 2023
Weasel and the late Mowzey Radio

Weasel and the late Mowzey Radio

Singer Douglas Kayanja famously known as Weasel of the duo Radio and Weasel has finally admitted having the late Mozey Radio’s hard drive.

Mozey died in 2018 after he was hit by one of the night club bouncers. He was in coma for some days and later pronounced dead.

As unbelievable as it sounded, Weasel who was his best friend was left crushed with nothing more to do apart from mourning him.

With Radio’s death there was rumour making rounds that he left a hard drive of his recorded songs.

It was said that one music producer might be hinding it and ready to sell music off it to the existing or even young upcoming musicians.

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According to Weasel, the media should stop suspecting any producer or musician to have run away with Radio’s hard disk.

He said he is the one having it and people should look it for no more. After all he is the person that knew everything about Mozey Radio

“I don’t know why people keep looking for Radio’s hard disk. It’s me having it and people should expect new music from me or that hard disk,” Weasel said.

It is not clear whether Weasel is actually having the hard disk or if he is just joking about it as it has been one of the most rumours.