Chosen Becky gears up for her marriage ceremony coming up

October 13, 2023
Chosen Becky with Dictator Amir

Chosen Becky with Dictator Amir

Talented songstress Kwikiriza Rebecca famously known as Chosen Becky is gearing up for her marriage ceremony coming up soon.

She will be marrying her long time boyfriend and baby daddy Dictator Amir a social media blogger and influencer.

Chosen Becky and her boyfriend have two children together of which the singer recently welcomed their new born baby boy.

With continuous giving of birth, Chosen Becky is always asked about her marriage and when she will be able to commit to bed boyfriend.

According to the singer, her and the boyfriend are all still young and figuring out what life is all about for their future and that of their children.

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Chosen Becky said she wants to get married and at the moment they are planning and setting the right dates for their ceremony.

The singer said it is going to be one of the best ceremonies and she can’t wait to finally make it official so that people stop asking her questions about her marriage.

“Me and my boyfriend are about to have our marriage ceremony. I don’t like people asking me all the time when I will get married. Our ceremony will be one of the kind so I want people to just wait and see,” Chosen Becky said