MC Richie Betrays Wyne, Corners His Girlfriend

May 31, 2023
MC Richie

MC Richie

It’s not well between Netherlands-based socialite, MC Richie and his American friend, Wayne Wyne – reason; a woman.

MC Richie, who is a well known skirt-loving man, took advantage of the situation and got close to Wyne Wyne’s babe.

According to Wyne, he got misunderstandings with his bae, Lynn and Richie offered to come in as a mediator. As a hungry diaspora boy, Richie betrayed Wyne and ended up with Lynn.

Wyne Wyne

This would have gone unnoticed, until feelings got better of them and ended up sharing photos on social media. In photos, a hungry Richie can be seen locking lips with Lynn.


Upon seeing the photos, Wyne Wyne ranted and blasted Richie. He warned baby Ferrari to know his limits before rebuking his girlfriend.

MC Richie your my friend but olina kumanya jokoma rasta, nkuwade warning oyo mukyala wange siwuwo mazingwe, gwe nawe Lynn nze nawe bwe twayomba it doesn’t mean you have kwesiruwaza nyo ate (MC Richie your my friend but you have to know your limits. I’m warning you, that’s my bae. And you Lynn, we got misunderstandings but it doesn’t mean you become a fool).

MC Richie
MC Richie with Wyne Wyne’s girlfriend

Richie, the CEO of Real Life, stays in Netherlands where he acquired citizenship.