What happened between Karole Kasita and Gravity Omutujju? Here is the truth

June 1, 2023

Singer Gereson Wabuyi also known as Gravity Omutujju has come clean about what happened between him and fellow singer Karole Kasita.

The two did a song together but few days after releasing it, Gravity Omutujju deleted it on his social media platforms.

The rumor that was making rounds by then was about Gravity Omutujju forcing Karole Kasita to make a stunt about her child and the father so that they push the song.

And when Karole Kasita refused, Gravity Omutujju got annoyed and deleted the song on his social media platforms leaving Karole Kasita to push it herself.

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All that was a rumor and Gravity Omutujju hadn’t come out to clarify why he deleted the song.

According to Gravity Omutujju, it is his norm to delete songs on his social media platforms after the song has been played on multiple media platforms.

He said it is not only that one with Karole Kasita, even his own singles he deletes them after he feels like they have worked.

“I didn’t delete Karole Kasita’s song because of anything like they were saying on social media. It’s my habit to delete songs on my Instagram once I feel they have worked. Even my singles I usually delete them,” Gravity Omutujju said