Gravity Omutujju denies ever being friends with Spice Diana

June 12, 2023

Singer Gravity Omutujju real name Gereson Wabuyi has cleared the air about her relationship with fellow singer Spice Diana.

He said they have never been friends in their lives and neither have they ever been enemies.

Gravity Omutujju has for a long time been mistaken to have dated singer Spice Diana at one point of his life and career.

It is because of the photo on the internet of them kissing and the music video of Gravity acting as a video vixen of Spice Diana.

By then, Gravity Omutujju was very close with Spice Diana’s manager Lubega Roger and it wasn’t clear if he acted as a video vixen because of the manager or because of his relationship with Spice Diana.

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Now that Gravity Omutujju is no longer friends with Roger, he has decided to come clean about his alleged friendship with Spice Diana.

According to Gravity Omutujju, Spice Diana has never been his friend. They have never had a deep conversation or even got intimate in their lives.

The photo of them kissing was a video shoot and nothing more was on to that photo.

“I’ve never been friends with Spice Diana. The photo of us kissing was just a video shoot nothing else. In people I have been close to, Spice Diana is not one of them and I don’t think she will ever be one of them,” Gravity Omutujju said