Tinsley Visits Vivian Tendo’s Parents | PHOTOS

June 4, 2023
Moses Waswa Tinsley with Vivian Tendo

Moses Waswa Tinsley with Vivian Tendo

Vivian Tendo is officially off the shelf after her fiancé, Moses Waswa Tinsley visited her parents in a colorful ‘Kukyala’ ceremony that took place on Saturday, June 3rd.

The Kukyala function comes five months after Moses Waswa Tinsley took a knee and proposed to Vivian Tendo in a well planned proposal that took place at Divine Resort in January 2023.

Moses Waswa Tinsley proposing to Vivian Tendo

Many thought it was a video shoot. However, last week, word started making rounds that Tendo was planning to hold a ‘Kukyala’ ceremony.

On Saturday, Moses Waswa Tinsley accompanied by few family members and friends, visited Tendo’s parents.

Now that the ‘Kukyala’ ceremony done, we hear the introduction will take place soon, followed by the wedding.

Tendo first dated Wakiso Giants boss, Musa Atagenda but the relationship failed.

As a sharp city girl, Tendo did not leave the relationship empty handed, she managed to secure a furniture shop from Musa.

Check more photos of Moses Waswa Tinsley and Tendo Kukyala ceremony: