Vivian Mutanda’s Mum Trashes Daughter’s Allegations Against Bryan White, Says Someone Is Using Her – LISTEN TO AUDIO

posted on : 06/01/2020

At the beginning of this month, Vivian Mutanda went public and accused Bryan White of sexual harassment, Rape and forced abortions.

Since her allegations, other girls; Stella Nandawula, Leticia Nabulime have also come out and accused Bryan White of rape.

Leticia Nabulime who lives in Germany says Bryan White raped her when she was 17 and gave birth.

The matter was picked on by the parliament and last week, Vivian appeared before the parliamentary committee to pin the Bryan White.



As the matters starts heating up, Vivian Mutanda’s mum who lives abroad has come out to defend Bryan White.

According to the lady, Vivian is lying and someone might have given her money to tarnish Bryan White’s name.

She says the two years Vivian stayed with Bryan White, she has never told her of rape and forced abortions. She says Stella used to call her but never complained about Bryan White.

She has advised the daughter to stop being used because she is tarnishing Bryan White’s name.

The lady says Bryan White took care of her daughter very well and used to pay her.

She says Bryan White used to help her with money too and insists she doesn’t want to hear anybody tarnishing his name.

Listen to audio below: 



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