Daniella Atim Rebukes Jose Chameole’s Mum In Open Letter Over Sandra Teta, Tells Her; Do Your Work

August 7, 2022
Daniella Atim and Jose Chameleone

Daniella Atim and Jose Chameleone

Jose Chameleone’s wife, Daniella Atim has penned an open letter to mother-in-law, Proscovia Musoke rebuking her to do her job after Weasel Manizo thumped baby mama, Sandra Teta.

After photos of Sandra Teta with a swollen face leaked online, Daniella Atim took to social media, shared more photos of a battered Teta and revealed the Badman Killa has been thumping baby mama over the years.

Sandra Teta with With Weasel Manizo

As a feminist, Daniella took matters into own hands and reported Weasel to police.

To cool the heat, Jose Chameleone took Sandra Teta on a night out and were spotted having a good time. Daniella was not happy with the hubby’s gesture and told him to talk sense into his brother.

She also vowed not to give Weasel breathing space until he changes his ways.

Last night Tata Abba video called me. He had Sandra Mulusegere (Beside him). I asked him why he is taking around a woman flooded with makeup instead of allowing her time away from all the noise to process and rethink her life. He Said `Mama Abba` Sandra tayina tabu [Sandra has no problem]’’. All this, while Sandra constantly wore a big Bright Sad Smile. I asked him if he is truly taking Sandra out for’ fresh air’ like he said or just pawning her on Weasel’s behalf? I told him I will not give him breathing space…. #Pressure after pressure.

Daniella Atim
Jose Chameleone with mum, Proscovia Musoke

Weasel apologised but she has not ceased fire. Yesterday she penned an open letter to Weasel and Chameleone’s mum and asked her to do her job as a mother-in-law.

She revealed that Sandra Teta opened a case at police against Weasel but the mother-in-law asked her to close the file that she can’t do that to the dad to her kids.

Dear mother-in-law, you and i know this is Sandra’s head after stitches.
This one time she had courage and reported to police with the encouragement of some of her friends who include @maamaghetto .But you dear mama talked her out of it ,you talked her out of it and told her she can’t do that to the father of her kids .you see when we love your boys we become your children too and we yearn that you protect us as equally as you protect your boys ,we hope that you can have honest conversations with your boys but you mama will instead say “oyina okuyiga bawo,ebimunyiza n’ebimusanyusa. ate oyina okumanya nti bawo celeb”.
Dear mama ,this doesn’t bring any practical solutions ,it only empowers them to keep up what they do because in your eyes it is always the woman’s fault ,”…she must have provoked him etc etc” you always say .
Dear mama ,the time is now ,take back your position as a parent and start doing the work ,we have the most impact on our children ,a duty entrusted to us by God.
I will be panel beating them from this side as you start the most immediate work .You have the authority to do it ,don’t undermine the power God handed you .
Let’s raise a generation of great husbands and fathers.you will be glad we put in the work.

Daniella Atim

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