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January 29, 2023
Zari and Shakib

Zari and Shakib

As we speak, it’s not well between Zari and new bae, Shakibu Lutaaya aka Shakib Cham and any time from now, the pair could part ways.

Since Zari hosted ‘Zari All White Party’ at Motiv – Old Port Bell Road in December, losing her phone in the process, her public appearance with Shakib reduced.

The separation rumour has been fueled by a quote from Horacios Jones shared on Zari Hassan’s Snapchat account.

Yesterday, the South Africa-based Ugandan socialite shared a quote that expresses the dangers of lies amongst people close to you.

Some people do not understand how poisonous lies are. Lies infect and curse happy relationships happy relationships to the point where you actually feel sick to your stomach for trusting them again.
No matter how much you love a person, sometimes you can’t help but feel like they stole your comfort. You’re no longer comfortable because you second guess everything.
Now, trusting them isn’t effortless. It now requires a conscious effort and sometimes that’s exhausting.

Zari posted Horacio Jones’ quote on her Instagram

An insider intimated to us that since Nalule Shamirah Sembatya aka Mimi accused Shakib Cham of using and dumping her, Zari started looking at Shakib as a lier.

Shakib and Mimi

Having US citizenship, Mimi arranged a wedding with Shakib in June 2016 and processed him a visa in May 2017.

Before Mimi flew Shakib out of Uganda, The Masolo Queen aka Bad Black had encroached on him and at one point she posted him as her featured image on Facebook.

All was well between Shakib and Mimi but the love for money caused problems. Mimi would sneak outside the country and fly to South Africa to see her bankrollers.

Zari and Shakib

In the process, she conceived for another guy which annoyed Shakib.

As a sharp Kawempe boy, Shakib positioned himself towards Zari and won her heart.

Mimi is still demanding divorce from Shakib but the Kawempe boy plays hide and seek.

This baffles Zari and questions as to why Shakib does not grant Mimi divorce yet he claims there is nothing between them.

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