The truth behind Sheebah’s alleged sister Shifrah

October 11, 2023

There is a lady known as Shifrah Kalungi who has come out alleging that she is a true sister of singer Sheebah Kalungi.

Shifrah claimed that she has been looking for Sheebah for a long time but she hasn’t had an opportunity to see or meet her.

She said before her father died, he told her that he left another child known as Samalie behind and Sheebah is the only Samarie she knows.

According to Shifrah, she is currently struggling financially and she dropped out of school because of some financial problems.

She said if she gets an opportunity, she would want the singer to take her back to school and help her achieve her dreams of working with big people.

Lydia Jazmine has also commented about the lady Shifrah’s claims. She said this same lady has ever come to her claiming she is the sisters.

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Jazmine said she immediately took Action and the lady is now coming to Sheebah. She revealed that Shifrah is a troubled lady definetly needs help.

“”That girl is a psycho!! She’s not well n needs to help ASAP. She claimed to be my sister too last year, went to bloggers who contacted me and I took immediate action. She then claimed to have been sent by someone to frame everything.”
Lydia Jazmine on a one Shifrah who claim to be Sheebah’s sister