Rema New Nyash: Where She Underwent Surgery, Cost

October 10, 2023


At the end of July, Rema flaunted her new looks as she entertained her fans in Dubai and had to make sure the revelers notice she had a big Nyash.

In December 2022, netizens shared photos of Rema performing and started gossiping how she was Nyashless. The Rema we know, took it personal and started preparing to change her looks.

Rema performing in December 2022

An insider who preferred anonymity intimated to us that the ‘Siri Muyembe’ singer booked an appointment in 2023 and traveled to Egypt where she had a Nyash lift at a cost of about 15m Ugx.

While in Dubai, we realized that ‘Oli Wange’ hitmaker had tampered with her figure. New Nyash was evident.

Clad in black high west tight pants, our snoops managed to observe a bulging Nyash. At some point she paused the performance and told revelers who were accusing her of denying them a selfie opportunity that she wanted a better photographer who would capture her curves well.

Surgeries are now the order of the day especially with the celebrities. Many have undergone facial, Nyash, hip surgeries among many others.