Spice Diana’s degree is from Nasser Road – Daxx Kartel reveals

March 24, 2023

Singer Daxx Kartel Omuyeruba has trashed fellow singer Spice Diana real name Namukwaya Hajjara’s degree saying it is from Nasser road.

Spice Diana joined the music industry when she was still in highschool. But she became serious at the University and that’s when she even got a management ‘Source Management’ that has taken her to another level.

Spice Diana graduated early 2018 from Makerere University but being a busy industry, so many people asked how she managed to balance education with music.

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So many artistes in Ugandan music industry are not educated to the level of the University. Most of them are school dropouts while others even never went to school.

Daxx Kartel is one of the artistes that doubt Spice Diana’s degree saying it might be fake from Nasser road.

As a person who went to school , Daxx Kartel said Spice Diana was too busy to concertrate on her music and other things that’s why he doubts if she really graduated.

Talented Daxx Kartel asked Spice Diana to come out with her papers proving that she is a real graduate from Makerere University.

“I think Spice Diana’s degree is from Nasser road I don’t think she really graduated like she says. I went to the University I know what it takes to graduate and I don’t think Spice Diana really concertrated on school to achieve that,” Daxx Kartel said

Here is the video;

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