Sheebah storms out of the press conference of her battle with Cindy (Video)

August 21, 2023

Singer Sheebah Kalungi has surprised the media when she stormed out of the press conference between of a battle between Cindy.

The battle is set to take place on 15th September 2023 at Kololo airstrip grounds and it is organized by Victoria University.

Today the two Sheebah and Cindy had the opportunity to talk to their fans on what they should expect on the day of the battle.

Understand the battle didn’t go as planed because Sheebah and Cindy started getting angry leading to one of them leaving the press conference.

In the video trending on social media, one of the journalists is the person that triggered Sheebah to just leave.

She just left and asked Cindy to find her at Kololo airstrip on the 15th September and that is where the battle will end.