Spice Diana’s manager shows off another yet to be finished multi – million mansion

November 14, 2023
Manager Roger

Manager Roger

Singer Spice Diana’s manager Roger Lubega has showed off a yet to be finished multi million mansion.

He was filmed at the site moving around seeing the work taking place and making sure everything is going on so well.

Spice Diana is one of the biggest female musicians in Uganda’s entertainment industry and she is one of the richest.

She has been able to show off some if the houses she has managed to build ever since she joined the music industry.

Spice Diana also one time told her fans that some haters keep abusing her and telling her how she has an ugly size yet she drives a range rover.

She even said she has so many houses but she doesn’t like showing off as people may take it as an insult yet she has worked so hard.

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Spice Diana’s manager Roger is also one of the richest in Uganda. She has invested so much in Spice Diana and has managed to get profits off her.


With the mansion they showed on social media, it is not clear if it is for Spice Diana or if it is for her manager.

Even the location of the mansion wasn’t revealed by anyone so no much information was revealed by Spice Diana and his manager Roger.

Here is the video;