Is Gabie Ntaate a true replacement of Judith Babirye? Here is the truth

November 15, 2023

Former Television presenter and now gospel artiste Gabie Ntaate is unhappy with Ugandans who are continuously comparing her to legendary gospel singer Judith Babirye.

Judith Babirye is one of the most liked gospel musicians in Uganda. With her pure talent and soothing voice, most of artistes would like to sing like her.

When Gabie Ntaate left television, she was already singing but she wasn’t consistent and serious like she is now.

She has gained so many fans and now some of those fans feel like she has replaced Judith Babirye.

Judith Babirye left the country years ago to go to Canada for greener pastures. She hasn’t been musically active like releasing new songs all the time.

According to Gabie Ntaate, it is not okay for Ugandans to start comparing her with Judith Babirye or even saying she is her replacement.

She said as gospel artistes, they are all chosen by God at a different time but to preach the same words which makes them not to be competitive.

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Talented Gabie Ntaate revealed that Judith Babirye has always guided her on what to do.

“My dearest big sister Judith Babirye I’m firstly very privileged to have served the God and land you served and serve, you already know that I have never kept silent in accordance to what high esteem I hold you in🥰 Also remembering for what purpose we serve and who it is we serve, as he is most Important. You not only Have been dear to the people of the Lord our God and helped many draw to and back to Christ but are dear the same way at heart, words of heavenly wisdom flow out of your mouth, verily as you are anointed. Those words have seen me through tough moments. You have prayed over my head those late nights and never hesitated to pause work just to pray for me. You are a blessing to me and so many and YOU ARE A GREATTT WORSHIPER🙌🏾 GOD be EXALTED in thee now and forever more Mother JUDIE🫶🏾 I Love you 💌,” Gabie Ntaate posted praising Judith Babirye.