What does this mean to Sheebah? Nina Roz surprises Spice Diana on her birthday

October 28, 2023

Songstress Kakunda Roz famously known as Nina Roz has surprised fellow female singer Spice Diana on her birthday.

This happened after Spice Diana returned from Dubai where she had gone with her mother to celebrate her birthday alongside friends.

Nina Roz has never been close to Spice Diana. She was also not on good terms with Sheebah recounting on their past years ago.

Recently Nina Roz and Sheebah rekindled their friendship and even posted it on social media saying they are proud of each other and how far they have come.

But Spice Diana and Sheebah are not friends and it wouldn’t make sense for Nina Roz who is close to Sheebah to also be close to Spice Diana.

Today Spice Diana posted on social media a photo of herself and Nina Roz with flowers thanking her for surprising her.

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“Thank you kikazi for the ka suprise ❤️,” Spice Diana posted

It is not clear if Nina Roz did so when she is still friends with Sheebah or if they separated and didn’t say anything in the media.

For Nina Roz to be friends with Spice Diana kind of looks so weird because they have nothing in Common and they even never hang out with each other.