Eddy Kenzo, Mr. Henrie in verbal war over academic qualifications

November 14, 2023

Singer Eddy Kenzo and radio presenter Mr Henrie are in a verbal war over academic qualifications on the side of Eddy Kenzo.

From the beginning, Eddy Kenzo was very clear about his education saying he is a form four drop out. Even speaking English language has been so difficult for him.

Early this year 2023, the singer decided to start up a federation known as Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF).

He immediately became a president with three deputies helping him excute the work for the federation.

But so many people have been questioning his academic qualifications saying he needs to be educated in order to lead people especially the musicians.

Because there are some musicians that have been highly educated and it is very odd to be led by someone like Eddy Kenzo who is a drop out.

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Yesterday Mr. Henry hint on it again asking why Eddy Kenzo can’t step down for a more qualified musicians who will understand what they are exactly doing when it comes to the federation.

Eddy Kenzo wasn’t happy about Mr. Henry’s statement saying leadership doesn’t need an educated person but rather a smart person like him.

“I don’t know why someone like Mr made such a statement about my leadership because we all know that leadership isn’t about education. It’s about someone being smart and having skills,” Eddy Kenzo said

Mr Henrie responded to him saying the fact will remain that leadership needs someone educated especially when they are to lead educated people.