Solomon Kaweesa reveals the kind of communication needed among the married during intimacy

June 21, 2023
Solomon Kaweesa with Flavia Mawagi

Solomon Kaweesa with Flavia Mawagi

Journalist Solomon Kaweesa has revealed the kind of communication needed among the married during intimacy.

He said the couple needs to take about the body parts that they would like to be touched and what makes them happy in bed.

In Africa, marriage is very important and what is even more is keeping marriage because it is the sign of respect.

The divorced ones are often respected in the society although so many people tend not to look at why some couples have divorced.

According to Solomon Kaweesa, most of the times the problems start in bed where some of the married couples don’t get happiness.

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And instead of talking through things and looking for solutions, they go separate ways which is not the right thing today.

Kaweesa said people should know that communication in marriage is very important especially during intimacy. It keeps the couple very close and sticking with each other.

He said definitely there are things hard to talk about but in wanting to keep the marriage and happiness, the couple will need to talk about them.

That is mainly the intimacy part, couples need to share what puts them off and what turns them on.

“Communication in marriage is very important, especially during intimacy. Well, some things are not easy to tell but partners should open up to each other and share what makes them happy, which body part to touch, and so on”–Solomon Kaweesa, Journalist