Cindy Sanyu asks artistes to be greatful of little UPRS money

June 21, 2023

Cindy Sanyu

Songstress and Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) president Cindy Sanyu has asked fellow artistes to be grateful of the little Uganda Perfoming Rights Society (UPRS) money.

Different musicians have been posting screenshots of the money they have received from UPRS.

Karole Kasita was given UGX21k, Spice Diana received around 100k and Angella Katatumba received around 300k.

They have all complained about this money saying it is not worth for all the years they have been singing.

As one of the leaders of musicians, Cindy Sanyu came out and addressed the complaints saying musicians should be appreciative.

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According to Cindy Sanyu, there wasn’t any money from UPRS before. Even the little they have got is just the power of UMA.

She said personally she hasn’t received any money but she is hoping for some. If it is little she will be very greatful because next time it might be much more.

“Some artists got money from UPRS, I haven’t received any money. I would say congratulations to UPRS because they at least remembered that they have to pay us our money. We need to be grateful for the amount received and maybe expect more next time”–Cindy Sanyu said.

It should be noted that Cindy Sanyu has been the president of musicians for about four years now.

She refused to give up on leadership yet King Saha was interested and ready to take it on in 2021.