Slay Queen Accused Of Bewitching Alex Muhangi To Dump Prim Asiimwe

August 4, 2022
Alex Muhangi and Prim Asiimwe

Alex Muhangi and Prim Asiimwe

A concerned netizen, Massy Kayinga is accusing top city slayer, Nyangoma Sharon aka Sharon Powers 157 (Instagram names) of bewitching Alex Muhangi to dump baby mama, Prim Asiimwe.

Kayinga says Sharon Powers camps at comedy store and starts abusing them, bragging that the show (comedy Store) is theirs.

Kayinga claims that Sharon Powers uses witchcraft in bid to steal Alex Muhangi from Prim Asiimwe. In effort to expose Sharon, Kayinga says the slayer and Muhangi blocked her on Instagram.

A concerned Kayinga called on media houses and personalities to expose Sharon Powers and help a reserved baby mama, Prim Asiimwe stabilize in her relationship with Alex Muhangi.

It should be noted that Prim and Muhangi have a 8-year old daughter together and have been dating since 2012.

Despite dating for for 10 years, the pair are not engaged and this was revealed by Prim in July 2021 when a concerned fan asked about the ring she was putting on.

Thanks for the kind messages guys, but am not engaged. Is my ring that extra? It’s just a beautiful ring, nothing much ba dear.