“Everybody Wants It Tight” – Sheebah Responds To Salivating Alex Muhangi

Sheebah and Alex Muhangi

Sheebah and Alex Muhangi

Sheebah Karungi aka Queen Karma left hyenas salivating after she posted a photo clad in yoga pants showing off her endowed camel toe.

Sheebah, known for her tempting dressing has always showed off thighs and waist but netizens have never gotten a chance to take a glass at her downstairs.

Yesterday, finally the Queen Karma posted a photo that has left men speaking in tongues. Among them was Alex Muhangi who had his Anaconda riot in his tight pants when he held Sheebah at Comedy Store.

Alex Muhangi with Sheebah at Comedy Store

Known for his appetite for beautiful ladies, Muhangi couldn’t resist commenting on Sheebah’s tantalizing photo.

When she posted photos on her social media platforms, Muhangi was quick to praise her for being well endowed. 

 “It is tight,” Muhangi comment read and Sheebah replied, “Everybody wants it tight.”

Sheebah showing off camel toe

Sheebah and Alex are friends and share the art relationship but we know he can’t miss the swim once he gets the chance to corner the Queen Karma.

Muhangi is engaged to Galaxy FM presenter former Miss Uganda runners up, Prim Asiimwe and they are blessed with a baby girl.