Sheilah Gashumba Vents Anger At Local Radio Station Over Taunting Post

November 17, 2021
Sheilah Gashumba

Sheilah Gashumba

Socialite and TV host, Sheilah Gashumba is not a happy person and has warned Galaxy FM not to blame her if she drags them to UCC.

This comes after the Kansanga-based local radio station posted a taunting post on their social media handle.

When the bombs went off in the city centre yesterday, a scared Sheilah Tweeted that she was not going to leave home.

Due to diastema, one of her followers, Imran replied and insinuated that she was fearing to lose another tooth.

The Galaxy FM social media handler picked the mean Tweet and posted it on Instagram which annoyed Sheilah.

In her response, the Lil Stunner wished the Galaxy FM social media handler experiences what happened to NBS TV gossip monger, Kayz (jail) and stops posting nonsense. She also reminded them that there is a social media misuse act from UCC.

Sheilah Gashumba

What happened to my brother Kayz needs to happen to the Facebook editor of @GalaxyFMUg so that they stop posting nonsense!I think they forget that there is a social media misuse act from @UCC_Official After they’ll say public figures are bad!! Some of you need to go jail first!!

Sheilah Gashumba

In June 2020, Sheilah Gashumba dragged Urban TV to UCC over bullying which forced the Industrial Area station to suspend Tina Fierce and her abusive ‘Scoop on Scoop’ program.

She later teamed up with her estranged boyfriend, God’s Plan and pushed hashtag #stopsocialmediabullyinguganda which gained massive support especially from celebrities.

After vowing not to work for peanuts following her exit from NTV in 2019, the Lil Stunner is back this time co-hosting NBS TV ‘After 5’ show with Douglas Lwanga, MC Kats, DJ Roja and DVJ Mercy Pro.

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