Sheebah reveals why she actually stormed out of press conference with Cindy

August 22, 2023

Songstress Karma Queen Sheebah Kalungi has revealed the real reasons why she stormed out of press conference with Cindy Sanyu.

The press conference was at Victoria University but it didn’t go as organized as people thought it is going to be.

It happened ahead of Sheebah and Cindy Sanyu’s battle that is set to happen on 15th September at Kololo airstrip.

Sheebah and Cindy always wanted to battle but they both hadn’t got the opportunity to do so. When it came to their faces they embraced it and they are all looking forward to have the best day of their lives.

These two singers had never met face to face in the public to talk to each other. And today after meeting, they all didn’t have kind words towards each other.

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Cindy was claiming that she is the best and Sheebah wasn’t allowing her to do so. She was also saying she is the best and she can’t wait to battle her.

But when the journalists started asking questions, Sheebah left the stage and people kept on wondering why.

Some said it is because she was fearing but she has refuted all those claims. She said the reason she left was because of the disrespect that was coming up.

“I didn’t leave the stage because I was afraid, as some people claim. I exited the press conference because people were disrespecting me by bringing up matters unrelated to our battle,” Sheebah