Stop looking for attention! Sheebah blasts Catherine Kusasira

August 22, 2023
Catherine Kusasira

Catherine Kusasira

Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) vice president Sheebah Kalungi has blasted Catherine Kusasira.

She has told her to stop looking for attention in her fame because no one is listening to her music at the moment.

This happened after Kusasira commented about Sheebah and Cindy Sanyu battle saying it wouldn’t have happened.

According to Catherine Kusasira, Cindy is too much talented, she looked down on herself to actually battle Sheebah.

She said Cindy should have looked for people in her league those that are so much talented like she is. Not the likes of Sheebah that are struggling.

On hearing this, Sheebah was quick to call out Catherine Kusasira saying she should get out of their battle because she has a lot to worry about.

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Sheebah said she deserves her flowers because Cindy had just disappeared and she using her as a come back.

She also told Catherine Kusasira to revive her music career and later return to the industry to speak like other musicians.

“I don’t want to give people like Catherine Kusasira attention. I think Cindy should have battled her because she is so much talented. I know myself and I know my ability so Catherine Kusasira should go mind her business too,” Sheebah said