EFUJJO! Couple Park On Road Side For Quick KWEPICHA | VIDEO

August 21, 2023
Car parked on roadside

Car parked on roadside

In this World, people no longer have patience and can do whatever they want at anytime, anywhere without minding other people’s business.

Couple believed from South Africa, did not wait to reach home to eat food and decided to park on the roadside, started eating.

Straight into the corner, where other drivers reduce the speed for good view is where the couple stopped and started eating.

Other drivers, who were driving, watched on in joy but could not stop to share the meal with impatient couple.

This act proves that people have no time to waste and don’t care about other’s opinions.


Those who have ever eaten on the roadside at least move off the road a bit to avoid interference.

However, this couple did not have that time and wanted others to know this is a free world.