Sheebah nails Cindy over Federation achievements

December 4, 2023

Cindy, Sheebah,

Singer Sheebah Kalungi famously known as Queen Sheebah is not about to let Cindy brag as she flaunts the achievement of Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF).

Sheebah and Cindy don’t see each other eye to eye. It became worse when they decided to battle each other musically.

Cindy has always wanted to battle Sheebah but she had never got an opportunity because of the management TNS that had signed the Karma Queen.

When Sheebah left TNS, Cindy got an opportunity to ask for a battle from Sheebah and it was given to her.

Their long time fued was brought back alive. Both of them started from where they had stopped years ago.

Cindy is the president of the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) while Sheebah is the deputy president of UNMF.

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The two associations haven’t been in the same page and Cindy thinks UNMF is not working on problems of musician.

Sheebah yesterday posted on social media praising the federation saying it has done so well and she can’t wait for everything to be worked on.

The Queen said it has been doing so well so far and people can easily see that.

“The Industry is finally getting streamlined but most importantly , We are also fixing things that were never really broken in the first place but because of the nasty industry propaganda , we are always put against each other to distract us from what is really important . OUR MONEY. OUR LEGACY. OUR INDUSTRY,” Sheebah said