Doreen Nasasira shocks men with how much upkeep she needs weekly

December 1, 2023
Doreen Nasasira

Doreen Nasasira

Radio presenter Doreen Nansasira has shocked men especially those who crush on her on how much upkeep she needs weekly.

She said she would want atleast one million Ugandan shillings per week from a man to keep up with her life style.

Doreen Nansasira has been in social media drama multiple times because of love and relationships.

At first it was said that she was dating a workmate DJ Jacob Omutuzze but it turned out that the two were just best friends.

Then Kenyan men approached her asking for a relationship saying they are willing to offer anything she wants as long as she moves to Kenya.

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Doreen Nansasira looks like she wasn’t willing and she was taking everything as a joke as she has never ever met any of the men.

Now Ugandan events promoter Bajjo is willing to offer somethings so that he can win over Doreen Nansasira’s heart.

However Doreen Nansasira is not making it easier for Bajjo as she is asking for a million Ugandan shillings every month.

She said she knows her worth and she is not going to go lower than that at any point in her life.

“ I am very expensive, and I know my worth. Upkeep for a week should be around 1 million shillings. I know someone who loves me can do that for me and that’s the person I also want,” Doreen Nansasira said