Anna Talia about to walk down the aisle with her husband

December 2, 2023

Media personality And Talia Oze is in wedding moods after her husband and the father to her two children proposed to her.

Anna Talia has been with her husband for more than five years. They met at the university and decided to move on with their relationship even after that.

They immediately welcomed their first child a daughter and last year they also welcomed their second daughter.

Anna Talia and her husband only did an introduction ceremony for both of their parents to know each other.

Yesterday Anna Talia’s bridal shower photos leaked on social media yet she was keeping everything to herself and the close family and friends.

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But after the video going viral, she posted photos of herself flaunting her ring saying she got engaged some time back.

Now videos of herself trying out the nice wedding dresses have also been posted and her fans are excited about her new life.