She is married to another man! David Lutalo speaks about his ex baby mama

September 7, 2023

Singer David Lutalo has spoken about his ex baby mama Sharon saying she moved on and got married to another man.

The singer and his ex share two children together. All of them have been kept out of the media.

David Lutalo only posts his children when celebrating their birthdays or a great achievement concerning school.

But his ex baby mama is never talked about or even seen anywhere on social media being posted by David Lutalo.

In a recent interview, the singer said he has so much respect for his baby mama and he doesn’t want her to be talked about in the media.

According to Lutalo that woman has been a very big part of his life and the fact that she found love and got married that should be respected.

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“I don’t like being asked about my family because I keep it private. The mother of my children is doing so well but she is married somewhere else. I would love to stop talking about her in the media and give her the love and respect she needs,” David Lutalo said

It should be noted that apart from Sharon, David Lutalo has never brought any of his relationships to the media.