Khalifa Aganaga brags about acquiring an American and Canadian Visa

September 8, 2023

Singer, song writer Khalifah Aganaga is over the moon after acquiring an American and Canadian Visa at the same time.

He posted both of them on social media asking promoters who are in those countries to prepare enough as he will be having a tour around.

It is very hard for one to a Canadian or American visa here in Uganda. It is always a blessing and a chance.

Some of the people that finally get those Visas usually move to those countries for good. They resign from their jobs in Uganda and go to look for the American and Canadian dreams.

For Khalifa Aganaga it is not clear wether he is planning on leaving Uganda for good.

But he has a 9 years Visa to Canada and a two years Visa to the United States of America.

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The singer told haters that this time around he is winning and they have nothing to tell him.

“Mpozi nekirara ba hater mubagambe nti ka Viza ka America ne Canada mbulina mukatabo kange.
2 years and 9 years respectively
Just butayagala kwelaga naye buno obuntu butono nyo
My American tour is on the way, promoters mutegeke bulungi, tujja tujja,” Khalifa Aganaga Said