Champion Gudo’s charity concert date and venue announced

September 7, 2023

Singer Alien Skin has announced the dates and venue for Champion Gudo’s charity concert.

The oncert will be held to help Champion Gudo’s mother and siblings leave the ghetto to start new life in a new house and new place.

Champion Gudo was introduced in the lime light by Alien skin. People picked interests from him because of his age and moving in different places at night.

The speculations were that Champion Gudo wasn’t actually going to school something that wasn’t pleasing to people.

Kampala parents school offered him a scholarship which Alien Skin didn’t appreciate and it brought in some drama.

Champion Gudo’s father who hasn’t been in his life for a good time also showed up and Alien Skin was furious once more to find that the father is looking for attention using Gudo.

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With a struggling mother, Alien Skin decided to organize a concert for Champion Gudo and the money that will be collected help in changing his life.

Yesterday he announced that the concert will take place on September 23rd 2023 at Lugogo KCCA grounds.

“Champion Gudo, dreamt of leaving the ghetto to build his mom a House. We’re making his dream come true at the Lugogo KCCA grounds on September 23, 2023, during the “Twagala Champion” Charity Concert,” Alien Skin posted on his social media platforms.

It should be noted that Champion Gudo’s father also joined the music industry and he has hit studio to record a song about the son’s scholarship.