What really happened between Sheebah and Cindy’s friendship? Here is the truth

September 7, 2023

Cindy, Sheebah,

Singers Sheebah and Cindy Sanyu used to be friends so many years ago and now they are ones of the enemies in Uganda’s music industry.

The beef has been growing and now it is at its peak where the battle gas got involved between them.

The battle is set to take place on 15th September 2023 at Kololo airstrip grounds and they are the only musicians that will perform.

As the battle is about to happen, there has been a question concerning the friendship that Cindy and Sheebah used to have.

In a recent interview, Cindy talked about it saying it was something big that happened in their privacy.

Cindy Sanyu said there is no way she is going to open up about what went wrong in their friendship but she knows they will never be friends again.

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The singer said she knows Sheebah might not be in good moods at the concert but she doesn’t care about anything.

She is ready to take on whatever comes as long as she knows the battle is on her shoulders and she will be willing to settle it down by winning.


“It is very true me and Sheebah used to be best friends but unfortunately our friendship ended bitterly. What happened between us can’t be put in the media as it happened privately. I don’t want us to ve friends ever again even,” Cindy Sanyu said