Shamim Mayanja attacks Zahara Totto, exposes all her dirty secrets

November 14, 2023
Zahara Totto

Zahara Totto

Actress Shamim Mayanja has attacked media personality Zahara Toto exposing all her dirty secrets.

She said she is far better than her and doesn’t want any advise from her because she personally can’t advise fellow drunkards.

The war started with Zahara Toto talking about Shamim Mayanja and telling her how she is less important when it comes to the media.

Shamim Mayanja quickly reacted to it going on social media to post about her and tell her how she is feeling.

According to Shamim Mayanja, Zahara Toto doesn’t know anything in her life. The only good thing she does is to sleep around with different men.

She said Zahara doesn’t need to say anything after all she is still being used and waits for monthly salary while other are self employed.

Zahara and Shamim Mayanja don’t have any history of hating each other, it all started few days ago.

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“Zahara toto nga ojeko okuzaala abaana mu basajja botamanyi and showing us your struggling body wat else can you offer to uganda as a country. Veiling is respect and buli wenteka my egg ndabawo am not a person who just sleeps with men Kuba sili have to respect this lady I mean Shamim mayanja Kuba wamanyi if you can’t even organize olukiko lwa bakyala kukyalo mugeye those drunkard men who have raped you then just shutup next time wen your spitting wat you call saliva first think who your attacking bitch
I didn’t invite your station they looked for me Kuba am a very important person I don’t look for media they look for me.As your still struggling and waiting for Kin to wire your salary atleast shutup,” Shamim Mayanja said